Monday, February 18, 2008

The Race to Robie Creek: Tough, Rugged, Full

The 2008 Race to Robie Creek will be held April 19th, but it's already full. However the "Hot Topics" page at the Robie Creek Web site notes that it's OK for registrants to sell their entries to other people.

The Race to Robie Creek takes place in Boise, Idaho, and calls itself "The Toughest Half Marathon in the Northwest."

You'll also want to read the race's FAQ page. It answers all the questions you might have about the race, such as:
How tough is the race, really?
What's the course elevation?
Are there really no iPods allowed?
Where do I pick up my race chip?


Anonymous said...

Registration for 2009's race doesn't start until President's Day 2009, so it's not sold out yet.

Launchpad said...

This post is referring to the 2008 race, not 2009.