Saturday, October 3, 2009

2009 Grete's Great Gallop Race Results (Norwegian Festival), Central Park

If you didn't get to check your results posted in Central Park this morning, or you want to see where you stacked up against the field, you can see the results of the 2009 Grete's Great Gallop half-marathon here. (I didn't see my results in the Park because, well, I was pretty far down in the results and they hadn't posted that page yet. On the plus side, I hadn't run a half in several years and really had no business running one in the shape I'm in, but it was good to get it in the books.)

The weather held up for the race (running 13.1 miles in the rain is no fun at all), and the Norwegian hosts of the festival once again plied visitors with bagels with lox and cream cheese and those tasty waffles with berries. And Grete Waitz herself was again on hand, looking great for someone who had cancer a few years ago. Long may she run!

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