Saturday, October 12, 2013

2013 Chicago Marathon - Runner Tracking & Race-Day Results

[UPDATE, Sun. Sunday, Oct. 13th: see live race-day Chicago Marathon results here: ]

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Sunday, Oct. 13th is the 2013 Chicago Marathon. If you want to follow a runner, here's where to find a (rather lengthy) list of FAQs about the process. The bottom line is that Web tracking is closed, but you can track via text by texting the runner's bib number to 21970. Check that FAQ if you want to find more information. (Note: the FAQ says, "You can still track via your mobile phone by texting BIB# to 37619." If one number doesn't work, try the other.)

We'll add info about tracking and results that are available during the race once the event has begun. The Chicago Marathon may offers finish-line video as well.

For other information about the race (course, parking, etc.), see the Chicago Marathon website,

Good luck to all runners!

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