Saturday, April 4, 2015

2015 Nike Women's Race Series - Dates & Locations

Nike women running photo
Nike has announced a series of women's races worldwide... but none in the U.S., so far.

What's going on with the Nike Women's Race Series? Last Fall, we noted that the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco, a very popular event, was eliminated and replaced with a half marathon. In addition, a half marathon in Washington, D.C. was scrubbed.

A recent visit the the Nike women's running page shows a series of events scheduled in cities around the world for 2015. A race page invites runners to "Join the largest women's race series in the world, with distances ranging from 5K to 15K to Half Marathon."

As you can see, there's quite a broad worldwide reach. Ironically, only one is listed in the U.S.—San Francisco—and while it says "Details coming soon," it's the only race in that category for which no date is listed. See the Nike Women's Race Series race page for links to the races you can sign up for.

You can also check out the Nike+ Training Club events worldwide (which seem to be full-day training sessions).

Races available for sign-up: 
  • Guangzhou, April 18
  • Mexico City, April 26
  • Manila, May 9
  • Amsterdam, May 16
  • Seoul, May 23
  • Milan, June 5
  • Paris, June 7
  • Toronto, June 14
  • Berlin, June 20
  • London, June 21
  • Stockholm, June 27

Races that say "Details coming soon":
  • San Francisco (date not given)
  • Quito, May 17
  • Istanbul, June 6
  • Medellin, June 7
  • Moscow, June 21
Races for which registration is closed: 
Nagoya, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taipei (dates not shown)

We'll post further information on races and dates in the Nike Women's Race Series as we find them out.

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