Friday, April 23, 2010

2010 Virgin London Marathon - Course Map, Pacing Info, Spectator's Guide, More

The 2010 Virgin London Marathon takes place April 25th, and here are links to some handy or important details for preparing for the marathon (for some reason, you have to go scrounging several levels deep to find this info on the official Web site).

* London Marathon runner information including details on race number, timing device, etc.
* a pacing guide so you'll know what your split times should be at each mile (although oddly enough, it only goes up to a finish time of 3:50)
* an interactive London Marathon course map that lets you find tube (subway) stations, landmarks, and of course pubs near the London Marathon course
* a handy race times guide (PDF) , so you can determine when runners at a given pace should reach certain locations
* a PDF spectator's guide to download

For more updates, see the London Marathon Twitter page at: @londonmarathon (

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