Saturday, July 24, 2010

Queens Half Marathon - Race Results

See 2011 Queens Half Marathon results here. This year's race took place Saturday, July 30th.

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Race results are posted for the NYRR Queens Half Marathon, which was held this hot and steamy morning. As usual, you can view all the results in order, list them by age, gender, etc., or search using particular fields.

The Queens Half-Marathon race statistics say that 3,668 people finished the race (I was one of them), and it was definitely one of the tougher, more uncomfortable races I've ever run.

The good news was that from miles 4 to 8 or so the sky was overcast, giving a break from the sun. And a nice breeze was blowing at various times during the race, offering much-needed relief. Congrats to all finishers on completing the course under some very tough conditions!

Oh, and up next in the five-borough half-marathon challenge is the Bronx Half-Marathon, August 15th.

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