Saturday, May 14, 2011

2011 UAE Healthy Kidney 10K - Race Results

Today was a great day in Central Park for the annual UAE Healthy Kidney 10K, and you'll find the results here. The overcast skies and low-60s temps made for great running weather, and this year's race featured not only a record time for the event, but the fastest 10K time ever run in Central Park!

The winner was Leonard Patrick Komon of Kenya (world record holder for 10K), who ran the race in a time of 27:35, which earned him a total of $45,000 (for the first-place finish and for setting the record).

No matter what time you had, check the results page below to find your exact results. As usual, you can view the race results in several ways: overall listings, gender listing, age group, etc.

The UAE Healthy Kidney 10K is sponsored by the United Arab Emirates in honor of one of its leaders, who came to the U.S. to get treatment for kidney disease. The UAE shows its appreciation in several ways. Besides helping fund the race, the country also makes a large contribution to kidney disease research, and offers some rather appealing prize money -- which no doubt helped attract some of the world-class runners to the event.

How was my time? Um, I ran the race about a half hour slower than Mr. Komon. I was about a minute slower than my last 10K, the Scotland Run.

Check your results below, and congratulations to all finishers of the UAE Healthy Kidney 10K!

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