Sunday, May 15, 2011

2011 Pittsburgh Marathon - Race Results

(See information on the 2012 Pittburgh Marathon here.)

You'll find 2011 Dick's Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon race results here. The marathon and other events were held in the City of Bridges today, May 15th. You may see different results options depending on when you visit the site. As of Noon Eastern time, you'll see options for 5K results or Marathon live results. , you may see live results as they come in or the complete results). Clicking through on live results, you'll see search fields that let you locate results for specific runners in the Pittsburgh Marathon, marathon relay, and half marathon.

I heard that rain was forecast for today in Pittsburgh, but I hope that weather report improved, since I can't imagine anything more uncomfortable than running 26 miles in the race.

If you ran the Pittsburgh Marathon or any of the other races today, I hope it was relatively dry, or that you've dried off sufficiently. Now you can put your feet up and check the race results above. Congrats!

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