Sunday, March 18, 2012

2012 L.A. Marathon - Results Page, Course Map, & More

[UPDATE: The L.A. Marathon website seems to be working again. See the overall results page and get live results runner tracking (application was taking a long time to load when I checked).]
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The annual Los Angeles Marathon takes place today, March 18th, and you can find results and other information about the race at its home page, -- if you can get through to the website, that is. Maybe it's the predicted rain, or maybe it's just heavy traffic to the website, but the L.A. Marathon site has been returning "database error" messages and other glitches Sunday morning and afternoon.

Here are quick links for L.A. Marathon information, when the site gets to working again:
results page
course map
street closures
broadcast information

In the meantime, see the L.A. Times's L.A. Marathon blog for information on the race.

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