Thursday, November 22, 2012

2012 Prospect Park Turkey Trot - Race Results

Results have been posted for the 2012 Prospect Park Turkey Trot 5 miler (in text format anyway; some prettier searchable results will probably be posted later, probably at the results page of the Prospect Park Track Club). The results show Graham Shorr of Pittsburgh as the men's winner and overall first-place finisher with a time of 27:14. Christina Argueta of New York was the women's winner in 29:35.

You can find the Prospect Park Turkey Trot results page at here; it shows the overall results listed above as well as the Prospect Park Track Club finishers and the Bishop Ford finishers (I'm not sure what the latter is, but it's there in case you want it).

Congrats to all the runners and the PPTC on another sold-out Turkey Trot. And Happy Thanksgiving!


Chicken Underwear said...

Because Bishop Ford High School was a co-producer of the race

Dave B said...

Ah, that explains it... thanks.