Thursday, March 12, 2015

2015 L.A. Marathon - Course Map, Runner Tracking, Results, & More

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It's expected to be a hot one for Sunday's L.A. Marathon, and here are some tips and details to know if you're running the race.

Because of the unusually warm weather forecast for race day, organizers have moved the start time up to 6:55 a.m. from the 7:25 time shows in the race's PDF of Final Race Instructions and elsewhere on the website.

Here's some more info you'll want to know for the 2015 L.A. Marathon:
Husband-and-wife runners Ryan and Sara Hall will both be running the Marathon this year.

The L.A. Marathon features a sightseers' dream of famous attractions, from Dodger Stadium to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Sunset Strip, and the Santa Monica Pier. Check out the information above and you'll be prepared for race day. And be sure to hydrate and run safely in the hot, muggy weather.

Good luck to all runners!

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