Saturday, October 29, 2011

2011 Marine Corps Marathon - [RESULTS!] Course, Runner Tracking, Transportation, & More

The 36th Marine Corps Marathon takes place Oct. 30th.
2012 UPDATE: See 2012 Marine Corps Marathon results here
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UPDATE #2: You'll find Marine Corps Marathon results here. Included are results for the marathon, 10K, wheelchair division, team results, and more. You'll also find links to Marine Corps Marathon results for previous years.
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UPDATE: See live results for the 2011 Marine Corps Marathon. Note: you can no longer sign up for the runner tracking below; the site directs you to the live results web page in the previous sentence. [posted 10/30, 10:30 a.m.]
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The 2011 Marine Corps Marathon weekend is proceeding on schedule, in spite of an early snowstorm on the East Coast. From the expo to the post-race finish festival, there's a full weekend of events, but here are some key links to info you'll want to know for the main event, the Marine Corps Marathon, and other running events.
In addition to the runner tracking and social media options above, Twitter updates from the race will appear on message boards at the finish line and other locations. (Note: to see Twitter updates about the Marine Corps Marathon or to get your messages included in the Twitter stream, use the hashtag #36thMCM.

One thing is sure, the temperature in D.C. should be cool on Sunday, which is good for marathon runners. They may have to wear extra layers of clothes at the start, but may well be rewarded with more comfortable running conditions and faster times.

Good luck to all participants in the 36th Marine Corps Marathon!

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