Monday, April 16, 2012

Track Runners in the 2012 Boston Marathon

Heat be damned, the 2012 Boston Marathon is off and running, and you can track runners here. At this link you can add runners to your list of people to follow, as well as take a look at the current results (by gender, age group, etc.) You can also take a look at the current leaderboard, and view the map of the course. [Note: the tracking feature available here is pretty bare-bones; it shows only the runner's time at the halfway point and at the finish (net time and gun time), as well as overall place, gender place, and division place.]

For other information on the Boston Marathon, see the Boston Athletic Association's website at

This should be a very interesting Boston Marathon, with the race allowing runners to defer to 2013 due to the heat (and many runners apparently taking advantage of it).

Good luck to all participants, and take it easy out there! Run smart, and save the PR attempt for another day.

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