Friday, May 1, 2015

2015 Philadelphia Broad Street Run - [RESULTS POSTED] Course Maps, Results Page, & More

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See links for race FAQs, results, and more for the Broad Street Run.

Spring has finally come to the Northeast U.S., and one of the prime harbingers of the season arrives Sunday, May 3rd in Philadelphia's annual 10-mile Broad Street Run. Here are some details you'll want to know for the race:

[Update: See 2015 Broad Street Run results.]
Follow the Broad Street Run's Twitter account, @IBXRun10, for the latest updates on the race.

What will the weather be like in Philly on Sunday? PhillyWX posted a map on its Facebook page, with the comment, "It's going to be mostly sunny, mild, with race temperatures warming from the 50's at 8 AM into the low (or mid, depending on your pace) 60's by the time you're stumbling over the finish line."

Good luck to everyone running the 2015 Broad Street Run!

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