Saturday, May 26, 2012

2012 Spring Lake 5 - Race Results

Race results are here for the 2012 Spring Lake 5. One of the most popular races in New Jersey, the annual Spring Lake 5 is held each year on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. The race has been held each year since 1977 and always fills up fast (this isn't the first year I've gotten shut out by not registering soon enough).

This year's SL5 was held in appropriately summery weather; the race website says it was sunny and 76 degrees with 69% humidity at the start of the race.

The race attracts thousands of runners to Spring Lake for a course that begins and ends right near the boardwalk. For many casual runners, the race is a good excuse to gather at the Jersey Shore for a day (or night, or weekend) of partying.

Registration for the Spring Lake 5 opens in February; check the race's website early next year to find out when registration opens so you can get in on the 2013 race.


Anonymous said...

I love this race and appreciate all the hard work that goes into making it a great success. However, every year there are hundreds of regular pepsi and a short supply of diet pepsi. Everyone is "why do they have regular soda - I don't want the sugar" More diet less regular soda. Also, would you be able to switch the glasses to something else (coffee mug, etc.) I have twenty of these along with my husband's twenty and now my children are adding to the pile! Minor issues!! just something to think about - Thank you

Dave B said...

Thanks for the comment. I agree with you, I always look for the diet soda after the race, too. They give out cookies and there's plenty of sugar in that. And I'm with you on adding variety to the post-race souvenir; I wouldn't mind a coffee mug, travel mug, or some other type of cup/mug.

I love doing this race and hope I will get in next year.