Wednesday, October 1, 2014

2014 Nike Women's Half Marathon, San Francisco - RESULTS! Mobile App, Course Map, Race Details

Find out about the Nike Women's Half Marathon in San Francisco below.

[UPDATE Oct. 16th, 2015: See details on the 2015 Nike Women's Half Marathon, San Francisco, including interactive course map, runner tracking, and more. The race takes place Sunday, Oct. 18th.

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[UPDATE, Oct. 19th: Nike Women's Half Marathon San Francisco results are available here. Go to the left-hand green column and click on "Race Results." If the race is still going on, you can track runners at .]
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The Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco is no more, but has been replaced with a half marathon. (Unfortunately, the race has long since filled up, and you can no longer register.) The 2014 race takes place on Oct. 19th at 6:30 a.m., and here are some links to handy details you'll need to know about the 2014 Nike Women's Half Marathon, San Francisco:
Note: Nike has announced that it will not be holding a women's half marathon in 2015. It says it will reveal a new location for the race in the fall, which could mean any day now. You can find out more about this change here.

Good luck and good training to all runners in the 2014 Nike Women's Half Marathon!

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