Monday, October 13, 2014

2014 Army Ten Miler - Race Results

UPDATE, Oct. 11, 2015: 2015 Army Ten Miler live results. Later today (after 2 p.m., supposedly), check the results page.

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One of the most popular 10-mile races in the U.S., the Army Ten Miler attracts elite athletes as well as thousands of casual athletes to the streets of Washington, D.C. This year's race was held Oct. 12th, and you'll find the 2014 Army Ten Miler results here.

This year's men's winner was Solonei Da Silva of Washington, D.C. in a time of 48:28. For the women, the top finisher was Arlington, Virginia's Kerry Gallagher in 54:50.

In case you're thinking of running next year's Army Ten Miler, it will take place October 11th, 2015. Here's a PDF of the 2014 course, if you want to get an idea at the general area the race covers.

Hooah and congrats to all finishers!

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